Our Editors


Kate ConcannonKate Concannon has worked in public media in the U.S. and Canada for almost thirty years.  She perfected her editing chops as Western Bureau Chief for National Public Radio and has a reputation as a creative editor, teacher and mentor who helps reporters identify their own distinctive voice and style.  She has a special interest and expertise in health and science journalism and in long form investigative projects.  She has directed a number of multi-platform series including Marketplace’s “Behind the Blue Line: The cost of a changing police force”, a collaborative series with the Northwest News Network and the Tacoma News Tribune “First Cut:  Washington’s freshest crop – marijuana” and a collaborative multi-platform series with the Los Angeles Times, Capital Public Radio and Calmatters on “California’s Pension Crisis” . As a show creator and producer she developed KPBS’s first daily news magazine show “These Days”.  She has also worked as a reporter and researcher in San Diego for KPBS and in Vancouver, Canada for the CBC.  She has won numerous awards including a Gracie from The American Women in Radio and Television.

To Kate, editing is a truly collaborative process. She chews over story ideas with you, making them better to the nth degree right from the start. But at the same time Kate allows you to retain your voice – a critical element in radio. She’s always looking to push boundaries and try new ideas: A series! International travel! Kate is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. At one of our first edits she asked two questions no editor had ever asked me before: “What are our dream scenes and who are our dream characters?” I’ve been asking myself the same questions ever since.

Sally Herships, Reporter, Marketplace

Alisa Barba

Alisa Joyce Barba is an award-winning journalist, producer, writer and editor with 25 years of experience in both network and public broadcasting. She is currently Executive Editor at Inside Energy, a public media collaboration focusing on America’s energy issues. She also served as Senior Editor at Fronteras, a collaboration in the southwest covering border and immigration issues. For 12 years, she was the Western Bureau Chief for NPR News. Independent of NPR, she won a Dupont Award for her work as Executive Producer of a KPBS documentary entitled “Culture of Hate: Who Are We?” Alisa also worked a producer for ABC News in Beijing, and as a reporter for the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour in New York and Washington DC.

Alisa is an excellent editor who brings honesty and dedication to her work. For three years now, she has worked her magic on my scripts – which are always long and oftentimes complicated- without editing out my voice.  She has been an awesome companion and guide throughout this wonky energy reporting project. As another reporter once told me: “I would go anywhere with her!

Leigh Paterson, Reporter, “Inside Energy”