We are the premiere editing service for local news stations that want to achieve NPR standards but lack the in-house staffing to do that consistently. We offer experienced, skilled and nurturing mentors in a rapidly changing world where high quality content is key to mission and survival.

“We take good radio and turn it into superb radio.”

We target local newsrooms but we're also versatile and have worked with statewide, regional, national and international journalists.






Kate Concannon is an award winning journalist, reporter,     producer and editor who has worked in public radio in both  the US and Canada for more   than twenty-five years.
Alisa Joyce Barba is an award-winning journalist, producer, writer and editor with 25 years experience in both network      and public broadcasting.

Local news is too important to do poorly. Your listeners expect NPR-quality and that requires experienced coaching and editing for your local reporters. Indie-Edit provides an affordable option for local stations to “get an NPR edit.”

Kate Concannon and Alisa Barba are two of the best editors in public radio. We've had the pleasure of contracting with them on two of our major editorial projects at WBEZ and their work was exemplary.
- Sally Eisele, Managing Editor of Public Affairs, WBEZ, Chicago Public Media
I've worked with plenty of editors and Alisa Barba and Kate Concannon are, by far, two of the best in the business. Working with these two women is an absolute joy! Not only will they help shape your stories, they will turn you into a better reporter.
- Alex Cohen, Co-host of Take Two, KPCC
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